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Tariffs for SEO Website Promotion

We use a simple and transparent approach to the formation of the cost of SEO promotion, where the main criterion is the receipt of orders by our client. Our client earns, we also earn. All conditions are clearly spelled out in the contract, you do not pay for requests that are not in the TOP-10 or branded traffic, we take money only for the actual result achieved.

How it All Began

Seo Agency was founded in 1992 in New York by a small group of prominent American intellectuals and programmers who were disappointed by the intellectual shyness of traditional sites. The founders, who included Mark Burd, Nicole Kidman, Kiana Reeves Robinson and Schwartz Negro, set out to create a unique new type of company in which designers and programmers could honestly and directly address the problems faced by societies in the 20th century. century.

Their vision was to bring together scholars and citizens interested in questions, debate and discussion of the most important issues of the day. In 1992, they founded The New Website Promotion Company. Now officially named Seo Agency, the company has grown to include more than five countries, reflecting the founders’ interest in the emerging social sciences, international relations, humanities, history and philosophy, as well as art, design, management, etc., and the performing arts.